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Are You Victorine or Julia?

1. You and your best friend spy a guy at the same moment across the room at a party. She’s recently broken up with the love of her life. You, on the other hand, have three men calling and texting you. Do you:

A. Step aside and let her have a chance. She is lonely, after all.
B. Go for him. All’s fair in love and war.

2. At work, your boss calls you in to her office and asks you to catch the elevator up forty flights to the boardroom and take the place of an ailing colleague who was going to present a pitch to a big client. Do you:

A. Say sure and go for it. You know you can wing it.
Decline, saying you’re not prepared, haven’t studied the business plan and don’t have the confidence to pull it off.

3. The vacation you’ve dreamed of is about to be ruined. You’re with a group of friends and a hurricane is bearing down on the Caribbean island, the wind howling, the rain is coming down in torrents. The only way out is on a rusty two engine propeller crate flying to the mainland and there’s only one seat left. Do you:

A. Fasten your seat belt, you’re used to a bumpy ride.
Stay behind. You can’t leave your friends like that.

4. Your secret, fondest wish has always been to be a grand lady, maybe some day a philanthropist whose name will be remembered years after you’re gone. Your older, wealthy boyfriend asks what you want for your birthday. He offers to make a huge donation in your name to an orphanage in Africa. Or buy you a 40 carat diamond necklace.

A. The orphanage.
The necklace.

5. A handsome man who’s a famous photographer stops you on the street and gives you his card. He asks you to come up to his studio and model for him. Do you:

A. Worry that you’ll get to his studio where he’ll ravish you?
Worry that he won’t?


1) A. 1 POINT
1) B. 2 POINTS

2) A. 2 POINTS
2) B. 1 POINT

3) A. 2 POINTS
3) B. 1 POINT

4) A. 1 POINT
4) B. 2 POINTS

5) A. 1 POINT
5) B. 2 POINTS


10 POINTS—Congratulations! You’re So Victorine!

6-9 POINTS—You’re a lovely mixture of Julia and Victorine.

5 POINTS—You’re Julia. You’re kind, thoughtful but a bit too timid.



The first 100 contestants to get all the answers correct will win an amazing prize!



Who said it? Choose which character in Mademoiselle Victorine
expressed these sentiments.

1 “Paris changes, but in sadness like mine, nothing stirs.”

2. “Remember what I told you, bad art is bad because it’s anonymous. An artist shouldn’t be like anyone he has ever seen or even anyone who has ever existed.”

3. “A woman can’t will a man to love her. Least of all, Edouard.”

4. “I don’t believe you’re capable of boring any man. But do be careful. Parisian men are wolves, mademoiselle.”

5. “I told you I always get what I want. I don’t mean that to sound egotistical. It’s not that I’m lucky or blessed. Quite the opposite.”

6. “We mustn’t hate, but love our enemies. The Golden Rule.”

7. “I’ve made up my mind, Victorine. I want you. I’ll give you everything, deny you nothing. But I expect the same in return.”

8. “The last thing I want is someone to take care of me. I want someone who’ll drive me stark raving mad.”

9. “He told me that honesty was critical for an artist or a writer; that fear was fatal. Then he asked me a question that made me wince: why I wrote about other people’s lives but was afraid to live my own.”

10. “There’s a detachment among personal relations that Edouard captures on canvas. Social relations have changed in our modern world.”

11. “I’ve never had a soul in the world who belonged to me, Philippe, but now I do.”

12. “Life can’t be measured by time. It’s merely a series of impressions.”

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