Debra Finerman

Debra Finerman is an American writer who lives part-time in Paris. She is the author of three novels. YOU LUCKY DOG her latest book, is a humorous novel for dog lovers and human lovers. SHADOW WAR, her second book, is a WWII novel inspired by plaques seen on walls throughout Paris dedicated to the brave Resistance Fighters who died on the spot, shot by Nazi patrols. During research for this book, she traveled to the Imperial War Museum, London and Resistance Museums in France. She met former members of Resistance groups. Espionage is familiar to her as her uncle was a CIA agent. Her first novel MADEMOISELLE VICTORINE, published by Random House Three Rivers Press, has been translated into six languages worldwide. Debra is a former journalist for Capital StyleThe Hollywood Reporter monthly magazine, Beverly Hills Today and Beverly Hills Magazine. Her articles about France are published in the online magazine, myfrenchlife.orgTM.

A graduate of UCLA, she earned her academic degree in Art History and Connoisseurship at Christie's, New York.

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What they are saying about You Lucky Dog...

"I enjoyed reading this book and kept wondering how the author was going to end it, but all my possible predictions were false. Finerman managed a believable ending, which increased the fun and for the most part cancelled any sadness that one might have felt for these star-crossed lovers.” —Book Loons

"As the story enters the many fun adventures of Emma and her husband Jake the dog, Finerman accomplishes the almost impossible:  she creates a fun, meaningful novel with an ending that makes us feel good and remain happy.  Simply alluring, You Lucky Dog by Finerman is one woofy summer read that will not put you to sleep!" —Champagne Living

In Debra Finerman’s newest novel, you find out in chapter one that Jake (husband of Emma) has been killed in a car crash. Well not quite. Seems his dog was in the car at the time of the crash and now somehow Jake finds himself alive, but living in the body of his dog.  Oh, and he can talk too.  So, suspend all disbelief and go with the flow, and you will find this a fun and funny, delightful beach read.  And dog lovers will give this an added star. Get the book.
— The Three Tomatoes

"This was a very unusual but heart-warming read. You Lucky Dog deals with themes of life and death and how true love never dies. Jake is a highly likeable character and some of his exploits as he gets to grips with his new doggy identity make for humorous reading. The story is well plotted with twists and turns with an array of fun characters (both human and canine) and is wonderful escapism." —Chicklit