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You Lucky Dog
SKU: 9781521233993

What do you do when you're attending your own funeral but can't tell the love of your life that you're there, perfectly alive? Your wife doesn't recognize you because you look slightly different. Well, more than slightly. You're now a dog. You Lucky Dog is the unlikely love story of Jake and Emma, a young couple thrown into a very unusual situation.

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Shadow War
SKU: 9782954934105

We’re in Occupied Paris, June 1940. German tanks have rolled in. The stylish cafes and nightclubs cater to Nazis now. Daily supplies are rationed, fear is plentiful. France is crushed but the SHADOW WAR has just begun. A British S.O.E. spymaster teams with a partisan leader in Burgundy to organize The Resistance Fighters’ Literary Club. Composed of blacklisted writers and artists, their clandestine headquarters in Paris is the Balzac Bookshop.
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Mademoiselle Victorine
SKU: 9780307352835

When Victorine Laurent joins the chorus of the grand Paris Opera ballet, she expects to become the mistress of a wealthy man; this is how young women without family survive in the decadent City of Light. Yet when the artist Degas introduces her to Edouard Manet, her life changes dramatically. She agrees to pose for him, and the result is a painting that shocks Paris. Overnight, Victorine becomes the city’s most sought after courtesan.
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